Serenova SSO Deep Link

React, Redux, Reselect, Jest, Enyme, Immutable.js, Radium, redux-saga, proprietary SDK methods

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Serenova CxEngage Platform

Angular working with Clojure-based REST API, Lodash, Sass, Gulp, NPM

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JMVC js framework, jQuery, AJAX, Sass, Bootstrap, and Grunt (click image to see desktop, mobile and tablet versions).

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HTML, Sass/SCSS, Bootstrap, and Grunt on a .NET back end (click image above to see mobile version as well).

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HTML, CSS, JS, and Template Toolkit PERL templating system (click image above to see mobile version as well).

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VW Beetle 2012 Pre-Sale

Skinned and reconfigured an store to allow users to pre-order the highly anticipated Beetle.

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HTC Summer Soundtrack

Coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Facebook page with tabbed interface, scrolling thumbnails, and video embed.

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Sony PS3 MLB Facebook Page

Coded HTML and CSS for Facebook page. Extensive work making page render properly in all browsers (IE6 too!).

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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Used HTML, CSS, and JS to create a multi-page quiz to help customers rate their health. Made IE6-compatible.

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J. Perlman R. Lutge Photography

Converted designer’s PSDs into a 100% custom WordPress theme from scratch using HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP.

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