Because You’re Worth It!

Using readable and efficient JavaScript (ES5 and ES6) React/Redux, Jest, Enzyme, Angular, Jasmine, SASS, Bootstrap, (etc etc…) along with multiple back end languages such as Nodejs, Python, Clojure, Ruby, PHP, .NET, and PERL, I’ve worked on complex enterprise web applications for companies such as Factom, Serenova, Bloomfire,, and There have also been fancy websites I’ve developed on for brands such as Volkswagon, Dr. Pepper, Sony Playstation, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and HTCI also enjoy contributing to open source projects outside of my “day gig”. I’ve worked on complex projects under tightest of deadlines – and doggone it, people like me!
It’s an exciting time to be a front end software developer, so I love exploring as many cool front end development tools as I can learn. And although writing code is where my passion for web development truly lies, after working on so many amazing projects over the last 10-plus years, it’s hard not to gain some serious insights into UX design, as well as understanding how the business and the technology work together. Simply put – I have a deep passion for making amazing things happen online.